Marble Countertops in Dallas TX

What is Marble?

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The elegance and warmth of marble countertops in Dallas will add immediate visual impact to any room, and will complement almost any décor. However, there are a certain aspects you will need to consider when choosing these gorgeous products for your Dallas marble countertop project.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed from carbonate materials which have been recrystallized. It is most commonly formed from limestone, and the different colors are due to which minerals got mixed in with the limestone.

For instance, limestone with a high magnesium content will often result in serpentine that produces a green coloration. Sand, clay or iron oxides that were in the layers of limestone originally will all result in different colorations.

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Why Marble?


Marble is amazingly resistant to heat, and known for outstanding durability. It also requires just moderate to high maintenance. Dallas marble just needs to be kept sealed, with acidic materials and spills quickly wiped up. From superior performance and durability to the luxurious look and feel, there’s nothing quite comparable to marble countertops in Dallas, Texas.

More Reason to Consider Marble Countertops in Dallas


  • Complements almost any style, from classic to modern
  • Several premium finishes to create exactly the look and feel you want
  • A wide spectrum of colors and stunning veining
  • Each marble slab is unique, with unsurpassed beauty
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Marble Countertops Colors


Many people associate marble countertops in Dallas with the more common whites or grays, but there are actually a great deal of color choices available for your marble countertops in Texas, all of which can add stunning impact to a room.

While marble countertops in Dallas can certainly provide an elegant neutral accent to any décor, there is also the possibility of dramatic effect with dark blacks, blues or greens, or uniquely stunning pinks or yellow. In addition to color, you can have more subtle patterns or prominent veining to suit your unique design and personal taste.

Marble Kitchen Countertops in Dallas


While marble countertops in Dallas, TX may be a bit tricky in kitchens, they are still an enormously popular choice, and with good reason. Here are a few factors to help you decide if marble kitchen countertops are the right choice for you.

  • Heat – Marble is extremely heat resistant, which is why it is so perfect for fireplace surrounds. This also means that hot pots and pans will not be major threats to your Dallas marble kitchen countertops.
  • Etching – While they may sound similar, etching and staining are not the same thing. Highly acidic substances such as wine, coffee, juice, tomatoes and many others actually corrode the top layer of marble, leaving spots that are lighter and duller than neighboring areas.

Etching is less noticeable in honed finishes, since it does not have a shiny surface layer. Yet, many owners of marble kitchen countertops in Dallas, TX actually treasure this look more and more as the years go by. They believe it adds interesting character to their kitchens.

  • Baking – Few surfaces are as perfect for making dough as a big slab of white marble. Marble provides a smooth, cool surface that is ideal for keeping dough from sticking. If you are a baking enthusiast, you may want to consider this option for an kitchen island even if you shy away from using it in the rest of your kitchen.
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Marble Bathroom Countertops in Dallas


Until the most recent decades, marble was considered the only choice for the most elegant of bathroom countertops in Dallas. Other types of stone now share the distinction, but there is no denying that the warm sophistication of a Dallas marble countertop is still special.

Also, the natural heat resistance of marble means that styling tools and other electrical devices may be used without worrying about damage to vanity tops.

Getting Started


There are many factors which will determine what your final product will look like. At times the entire process can seem overwhelming. Fortunately Granite Republic offers a simple 5 step process for adding marble countertops in Dallas, Texas.

  1. Get an Estimate – Just use our easy Free Estimate form.  A Design Specialist will be assigned to provide a quote and answer any questions you may have within 24 hours.

2. Choose Your Stone – After choosing your layout and type of stone, a Design Specialist at any of our locations will assist you with choosing the exact pieces of stone and edging styles to best suit your needs.

3. Scheduling a Template – Once you’ve made your design choices, a templator will visit your home to create an exact copy of your countertops in Dallas. Unlike many others, Granite Republic doesn’t make you wait several weeks for your beautiful new marble countertops to be installed. We guarantee From Template to Installation in 5 to 7 Business Days.

4. Fabrication – Granite Republic’s meticulous fabrication process includes creating a template layout, inspecting the slab, cutting, fabricating and polishing, with thorough quality inspections during every single stage.

If you aren’t quite sure which finish would best suit your décor, you may find the following information a useful place to start:

1. Polished – This finish coats the entire surface, giving it a smooth and shiny glossy look, and provides some protection against stains. It’s a bit more prone to scratches, but does not require quite as much re-sealing.

2. Honed – Velvety smooth finish that feels like satin. Not as shiny or reflective as polished marble, but much more scratch resistant.

5. Installation – Marble countertop installation is often a tricky business, particularly when pieces can’t be seamed together until they are set in place. Additionally, sealants should be applied to marble immediately after installation, whenever possible.

This is important for bathrooms, as well as kitchens, and you have two main choices of sealant.

1. Penetrating Sealant is most recommended for kitchen and bathroom installations because it is absorbed deep into the marble’s porousness. This provides enough resistance to allow time to clean up any spills before they can cause stains.

2. Topical Sealant offers much the same properties as a polished finish, offering stain protection but vulnerable to scratches.

Granite Republic is family owned and operated. We have a reputation for caring about our customers, and we take pride in our work. We specialize in granite, marble and quartz countertops, which means we can buy in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers.

We offer a wide variety of exquisite marble options, as well as knowledgeable design professionals and experienced installers. We also provide a 25 year warranty for our marble sealer that will leave you worry free for decades after your Dallas marble countertops are installed.

For the smoothest and most seamless buying and installation experience, contact us today for a free estimate.

To request your free estimate, please fill out our online estimate form and one of our Design Specialists will contact you within 24 hours.


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