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White Lace


White Lace quartz slab is a very versatile quartz stone that comes in the white color and has its origin in China. It is one highly sought after slab from the whole collection of quartz countertops. White Lace quartz is one among the gorgeous arrays of quartz kitchen countertops. Moreover, we can use White Lace quartz for bathroom vanities as well. And, these solid surface countertops are very popular and stylish among all.

No wonder quartz is an incredibly durable and attractive stone and white lace quartz as well. The other reason for its humongous popularity is its surface is easy to maintain and therefore it is perfect for high traffic regions like bathrooms as well as kitchens. Apart from that, scratch and stain resistant nature of this slab make it a discerning countertop option for homeowners, architects, and designers. Moreover, there are several patterns available of this slab.

The concept of White Lace quartz came from a cream base slab which is made up of large translucent quartz crystals. However, White Lace quartz is only best for indoor uses, or we can say not so good for outdoor usage. Apart from that, there are many benefits of using White Lace quartz countertops like scratch and stain resistance, beautiful design and durability.

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