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Venato Extra


Venato Extra quartz is a white color slab and features beautiful gray veins which are also accented with dark gray fusions. This is an awesome contrast to the white background color. While it comes to applications, this quartz is the perfect fit for kitchen countertops. There are many best features of Venato Extra quartz like they have natural ability to withstand scratches, high temperatures, and staining.

There are many benefits of using Venato Extra Quartz like they are stain resistant, resistant to heat & moisture, and durable. That means they do not require much of the maintenance and stylish-looking hence improves the appearance of one’s kitchen with smooth grains and neutral colors. Since it offers several benefits, it would be a great investment in the long-term for your home.

Venato Extra quartz is a rich white surface with black and grey veins that seem to be absorbed in the background. Moreover, the stone is perfect for interior installations as it carries both the beauty and luxury like marble. We can say the reason behind its huge popularity is its high stain and heat resistant properties. Also, this product can resist acidic food spills which means it has least maintenance concerns. One most interesting feature is that it has is non-porous nature and does not allow liquids to penetrate it.

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