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Tropic Storm


There is a wide range of color combinations when it comes to Tropic Storm quartz. This slab has an overall tan appearance and contains varied combinations of cream, black, white, gray and blue colors. This unique range makes it popular among viewers as well as professional builders as favorite quartz countertop for designing the kitchen as well as bathroom projects.

This slab is best for various applications, but especially suits the countertops that have to be surrounded by soft interiors. Must say, if you are looking for modern decor, then choose Tropic Storm quartz as it will give a contrasting look to your kitchen or bathroom on the modern visuals.

The polished finished worktop with rich browns and greys in a random arrangement of Tropical Storm quartz makes it more stylish and elegant in looks. As this quartz offers myriad colors including rich browns and bold greys, it delivers striking quartz worktop.

Another interesting fact about the Tropic Storm quartz is it offers durable worktop surface with good stain resistance. And, it also demands very low maintenance. They are also popular because these slabs are heat as well as scratch resistant. Moreover, these products are acidic and food resistant, and this feature makes it popular among onlookers. However, it is not much preferable for outdoor uses in comparison to indoor uses.

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