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The Toffee quartz slab is a classic pick for interior spaces as a cream foundation interlaced with warm tones of greige and taupe. It is one beautiful combination of butterscotch and caramel tones which gives a marvelous look to the flooring as well as backsplashes.

These shiny slabs complement every rough or dull surface. Originally, they are imported from China and are suitable for both residential as well as commercial settings. Not only in look but these slabs also offer a rare combination of versatility and strength. Another reason for their popularity is the richness in style and look. Must say, usage of Toffee quartz gives a vibrant effect and also renders a fabulous look to the defined area.

It is one classic stone which is also best suited for the floor tiling. It is the choice for the most demanding areas in a building due to its high-performance and heavy-duty flooring. Apart from the domestic or residential uses, it serves best in commercial, industrial as well as the public sectors. Its timeless beauty is one of its strengths.

Other than looks, people highly prefer Toffee quartz because they have high heat and stain resistance. Also, it doesn’t ask for any high maintenance due to zero porosity. It might not be good for outdoor use.

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