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Thunder Road


When it comes to its counterparts, quartz is a great selection, and Thunder Road quartz is one of them. The choices have diversified for quartz countertops, and more patterns are available nowadays. It is one of the most opted quartz because of its high durability. It is one highly used beautifully engineered stone.

Another reason for its high usage is its low maintenance cost. Yes, these slabs are not just durable but also have a low maintenance cost. This reason highly encourages the use of this stone.

If you look closely at this quartz countertop, you will see the art reflected through it. That art makes it highly elegant and rich in looks. Due to its patterns, the stains will not be easily visible. Therefore we can clearly say that it is easy to clean and resistant to stains. Additionally, these slabs are also resistant to heat. And, when it comes to acidic food, these slabs are resistant to it as well. However, these are not preferred for outdoor use but are best suited for indoor usage.

This is one incredibly attractive stone which is also popular for its durability. Also, these stones are perfect for high traffic regions like kitchen and bathrooms as they are easy to maintain. Moreover, this is one discerning countertop option for homeowners, architects, and designers due to its scratch and stain resistant properties.

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