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Pebble Beach


If you wish to own a classy look for your kitchen or any other space, Pebble Beach quartz is worth considering. It features the unique specks of white and beige all over the surface. The unique mix of colors and amazing properties of the product make it a great choice for both residential and commercial settings. The manufacturing process of the quartz, make the product resistant to scratches and stain.

What’s more surprising is the Pebble Beach quartz can tolerate heat; however, it is recommended to use protective pads for better safety. The surface is safe for kids too because it does not allow bacteria to rest on the surface. It is also known as Swan Cotton. Available in polished finish, Pebble Beach quartz can be added in several styles and can be customized according to the modern designing trends. It is a unique stone that graces the outdated spaces. Pebble Beach quartz has been developed to offer a range of applications with a strong endurance.

It combines with a mesmerizing polished finish an impressive performance with fast installation. The depth and the feel of the product have attracted many homeowners and architects of different countries. Adding Pebble Beach quartz in your home is not costly and also offers low maintenance.

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