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New Venetian Gold Brasil


New Venetian Gold Brasil granite is an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchen. The beautiful mix of golden and beige tones, veining in gray and brown, give the stone a unique appearance. It is a popular choice among interiors as it adds value to the home and fits in various styles because of the neutral tones and brown garnets. It is incredibly resistant and makes a great choice for exterior and interior applications ranging from kitchens, wall coverings, bathrooms and more.

It can sustain a lot of wear and tear and is widely used in outdoor spaces. The stone works well with earthy tones, and at the same time, it fits equally well in traditional and modern designs. It is also popularly known as Vecchia Oro, Ouro Brasil, Brazilian Gold, and San Tropez.

With countless options and textures available, it is easy to pick any granite stone because it merges well with any contemporary settings. You only need removal of the stains if something spills on New Venetian Gold.

No doubt, granite is a natural product and takes the beauty of your kitchen to the next level. Moreover, you don’t have to panic if you accidentally put a hot pan on the granite because it can take the heat without getting damaged.

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