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Matterhorn is a preferred choice for high traffic regions like bathroom and kitchen. It is composed of 93-95% quartz and 5-7% polymer resins. If you are looking for the stone that delivers a marble look that too in a budget, then go for Matterhorn. That’s because warm grey swirls and veins in the quartz make it resembles with marble.

The stone is extracted from the hardest material and make it a great choice for both interior and commercial spaces. It is extremely durable and adds simplicity and royal touch to any outdated spaces. The products enjoy some advantages over other stones – it is non-porous, impermeable to bacteria and stays hygienic with ease. It stands up to coffee, oil and other sources of stains. Quartz is completely prefabricated at the factory thus doesn’t need sealing after installation. Matterhorn is flexible as compared to other stone and therefore is less likely to chip.

They are far more consistent in color and can be picked in different finishes available like honed or polished. You can always be confident that the product is clean, and that’s a great benefit for both the bathroom and kitchen. Keep in mind the prices for quartz can be higher than those of granite and slate. Add Matterhorn quartz in your kitchen and enjoy it for years because it will not bother you for scratches and cracks.

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