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Marbella quartz is unique in its own way. The soft white base complements the traditional and contemporary settings and makes it an ideal choice for interior applications. It is extremely durable, stain resistant and requires minimal maintenance. It is non-porous and thus doesn’t allow bacteria or germs to reside over the surface.

The applications of Marbella quartz include backsplashes, floor, accent walls, waterfall islands, and shower surrounds. If you are not interested in using the dramatic shades like blue or green for your room, go for Marbella quartz which features uniqueness of white and gray on the surface. This amazing combination quartz looks royal and never fades with time.

Apart from the durability, Marbella quartz is beautiful, and its soothing white color attracts the guests. When compared to other materials like granite, the texture and the pattern of the quartz not only brings value to your kitchen but also offers great performance. This durable white quartz with gray veining looks impressive in the spaces that desire a smooth and clean, white appearance.

No matter where have you added Marbella quartz, it is sure to add value to your space. So how about experiencing the dramatic nuances and subtle look of the white Marbella quartz in your home?

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