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Grey Galaxy


A beautiful stone with grey hues seeming like a morning fog brings your imagination to life. Grey Galaxy quartz is one such stone composed of crushed quartz particles and bonding resins that make it extremely sturdy. It suits the requirements of areas with heavy traffic such as kitchen because cooking is continuously practiced there.

Moreover, the non-porous nature of the stone makes it appropriate for areas of environmental safety and healthcare. The stone is engineered to specially designed and manufactured to provide a maximum utility which makes it popular among the designers and architects. The water absorptions quality is high which does not percolate, and it is resistant to heat, stains, scratch, and high temperatures.

Apart from this, it comes with low maintenance as it is easy to clean. Since it can be cut into any shape and size, it has an easy installation making it suitable for most of the residential and commercial projects. It can be easily applied to kitchen countertops, worktops, bar tops, islands, table tops, bench tops, bathroom and vanity tops depending on the requirement of the project.

So, pick Grey Galaxy quartz to suit your lifestyle, and design your own kitchen countertop that enhances the elegance, and modern appeal which is close to your heart.

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