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Gran Paradiso


Gran Paradiso quartz is a trending countertop material which is taking homes by storm because of its beautiful designs and contemporary feel. It comes in the brown color with low variations originated from China. The stone is composed of quartz crystals and resin bonds that provide a great alternative to the areas where heavy foot traffic is allowed.

Moreover, it is non-porous which prevents the liquid to percolate and pass through thus preventing the growth of germs and fungi. It makes it environmentally safe for the areas where cooking is extensively practiced and healthcare is a matter of concern.

The stone can withstand a dry climate, but it is prone to light fading. It comes naturally with waving patterns which add plenty of character to the quartz slabs. Beauty backed with durability is a unique feature that makes you fall for it, and you would love to place it in the home that would bring you verbal accolades from the people around.

Would you like to have a beautiful and trending quartz countertop in action? Then the Gran Paradiso quartz is the one for your upcoming luxurious space reflecting beauty, strength, durability and elegant design pattern. Give your kitchen a luxurious look!

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