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Giallo Verona


The polished, medium variation Giallo Verona granite is well suited for a range of commercial and residential applications. It is indestructible and gives a complete makeover to the bathroom and other specific areas. The different textures within the granite slab add an amazing feature to the stone and rank it among the top granites available.

Giallo Verona granite delivers a beautiful look in bathroom and kitchen countertops. The stone is available in a polished finish and looks appealing when applied in office or home. Moreover, the yellow color of the granite blends well with any warm colors and furnishings. The variation of Giallo Verona ensures that when you install it in the area, it will give a unique appearance.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, but don’t want to spend lavishly, you can go for Giallo Verona as the stone doesn’t need maintenance and needs replacement after long years. While the granite is durable, proper sealing is required. If this is overlooked, it won’t take time for granite to show signs of staining. The product is hard and is not susceptible to scratches. Overall, Giallo Verona is beautiful and would add a glamorous touch to your office and home.

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