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Espresso quartz is a coffee brown color quartz stone that comes in low variations and makes us remember the good old days of espresso coffee. The stone is originated in China. It goes through extreme processing, and the resultant stone is all with the polished and finished surface.

Composed of high-quality quartz crystals and resin bonds, it is apt for countertops in the areas where high-intensity food traffic is present making it suitable for all the commercial and residential purposes. This makes it a perfect choice among the designers, architects, and builders. It does not require a sealant because of its non-porous properties. Also, it is environmentally safe where hygiene and healthcare are of primary importance.

Apart from this, it comes with low maintenance where a regular cleaning with soap and water is required. It is less sensitive to heat, stains, and scratches and resistant to exposure from acid and oils used while cooking. If you wish to have an elegant centerpiece along with utilities that best complement your interiors, then Espresso quartz is a perfect choice for you.

So, Espresso quartz is from the beautiful line of quartz stone that coordinates well with the contemporary designs. Give your space a stylish yet simple appeal, and have a place of your dreams!

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