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Dove Grey


Dove Grey quartz comes in a primary color of grey with low variations and is originated from China. The gorgeous grey stone is also known as Grey Expo and Devon. It comes in the softened patterns that seem like a morning fog giving your space a modern appeal.

It is composed of 93% quartz crystals and 7% bonding resins that impart strength along with beauty to it. It makes for a perfect choice because of its durability and versatility which offers a great alternative to worktops for both residential and commercial purpose. It is resistant to heat, stains, and spills which lands it on the top spot for kitchen and bathroom use and the areas of heavy traffic.

Apart from this, it is non-porous which prevents the growth of germs and fungi making it extremely safe for kitchen areas and similar environments where food preparation and healthcare is the main concern. Moreover, it comes with low maintenance as is easy to clean and least sensitive to scratches.

So, if you wish to have designs that command you imagination then, Dove Grey quartz is for you. Explore the myriad of options available and go for the one that fit your needs.

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