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Dallas White


Dallas White Granite features a beautiful combination of lavender tones mix with brown and golden cream speckles. The stone is specially designed for countertops, exterior- interior walls, stairs, and other design projects. Also known as White Dallas Granite, the stone is widely preferred for its unique color.

The amazing mix of cream and golden makes a bold statement as a flooring material or as a backsplash. The stone is available in different finishes including Rock Faced, Sawn Cut, Honed Polished, Sand Blasted, Bush Hammered and Tumbled. The product has Brazilian origin and looks best when applied as kitchen countertops and wall cladding. It requires minimal upkeep and is resistant to scratches and damage from heat.

The primary advantage of using the Dallas White granite is, it is beautiful, durable and affordable. It is porous that means if not sealed properly, it can absorb juice or oil and can produce stains that might be impossible to clean. While the granite is durable, a heavy object if dropped can crack the stone.

So if you are planning to renovate your kitchen go for Dallas white Granite for countertops and backsplashes. Overall, the product is awesome, simple and clean, and looks excellent on the smooth surface.

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