Cobble Stone


Do you wish to have premium quality quartz stone? Cobble Stone quartz is the perfect product that suits your requirements. It comes in the primary colors of white and brown with low variations and is originated from China. It is apt for interior applications as it gives you designs that boast of elegance and quality.

The stone is composed of 93% of quartz and 8% bonding resins that make it incredibly durable and sturdy. It is scratch and stain resistant and goes well when applied as countertops in the areas of heavy foot traffic. Moreover, its non-porous nature makes it food safe, and it also does not require a sealant. It comes in a myriad of options that has beautiful and intricate patterns like small white and gray crystal spread evenly all over the surface.

Apart from this, it involves the use of advanced technology where it can be processed into finished and polished surfaces. Since it is made up of quartz crystals, it offers unparalleled beauty combined with extraordinary benefits that are unmatched with any other stone. The beautiful stone comes with low maintenance which keeps it in high demand among the buyers.

If you want safety, sturdiness, and sophistication all in one, then go for Cobble Stone quartz.