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Carrara Classic


Carrara Classic is a stone made up of natural quartz crystals purified by special purification devices to remove impurities like sawdust and metal scraps. It comes in the primary color of beige with low variation and is originated from China.

The stone weighs 93% of quartz and 7% bonding resins that make it extremely sturdy. It can be processed into polished and finishes surfaces as it goes through color mining and high-pressure vacuum conditions. Well, it does not lose its sheen when properly maintained as it is stain resistant and requires no sealant.

Backed by advanced technology, the stone is engineered to provide multiple utilities along with stunning appearance. This makes it ideal for residential and commercial purposes for any interior application which may include countertops, floors and other vertical applications.

The variation in the surface is the most distinctive feature of the stone: one is matte finish which requires more maintenance, and the other is polished which is responsible for imparting shine and glossiness to the stone. Moreover, it enhances the natural beauty of the surrounding, giving it a modern and elegant feel.

So, celebrate the magnificent view by applying the Carrara Classic quartz and feel the difference!

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