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Caramel Lux


Caramel Lux is made up of natural quartz crystals that weight 93% of quartz and 7% of resin bonds. It comes in the primary color of light brown with low variations originated from China. The stone is durable and incredibly attractive which would enhance the beauty of your space. It can be processed in finished and polished surfaces which is easy to maintain and perfectly apt for the areas that have high traffic like kitchen and bathrooms.

Moreover, the product is exceptionally sturdy as it is resistant to stain, heat, scratch, and it can also withstand exposure to acids and oils. Its non-porous nature makes it a perfect choice for kitchen countertops as it prevents germ growth and is food safe.

Engineered with advanced technology and purified with a special purification device it is completely free of sawdust, metal scraps, and other impurities that may make it look shabby. Moreover, it goes through color mining and high-pressure vacuum conditions that impart a finished look to the stone. And finally, Caramel Lux quartz comes out that goes well with all the settings keeping your space simple yet modern.

So, go for beauty with better utilities, let the heads turn towards your home and give them a visual delight through stunning and sophisticated Caramel Lux quartz!

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