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Calacatta Vintage


Calacatta Vintage quartz comes in the primary color of white with low variations originated from China. It stuns everyone with its clear white color and striking beauty that lends it on top of the list for all the residential and commercial purposes. It is in high demand and perfect for application in countertops and waterfall islands in kitchen, backsplashes, showers, and floors.

The product is of relatively high resistance from scratch and heat when compared to other stones. It contains 93% quartz which makes it durable which means it is minimally sensitive to acid and oils and will not lose its sheen when exposed to acidic liquids. Moreover, it is non-porous which prevents the growth of germs and fungi. It is also less likely to stain and does not require any sealer because of its non-porous nature.

The stone looks appealing by the appearance and is engineered to match your utilities. It adds elegance, vividness to your space and amplifies the contemporary feel of the area. Moreover, if you require material of tensile strength for your project then, it makes for the perfect choice as it can withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes it suitable for all exterior applications where the freezing climate is a big concern.

So, if you are concerned with standard and sturdiness then, go for Calacatta Vintage quartz and add sophistication to your spaces.

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