Bain Brook Brown

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Bain Brook Brown granite comes in brown color with the hints of creamy, gray and black flecks originated from China. It is mainly found in Laoshin of Shandong Province. If you wish to give your kitchen a new, fresh and uniform look, then Bain Brook Brown makes a great choice. It can be processed into a polished and high gloss finish which is suited for countertops with the backsplash. It comes in low variation. Other names for this ornamental stone are Bainbrook Brown, Castle Brown, G306, Grey of Lao Mountain, Lao Shan Grey, Laoshan Gray Granite, Laoshan Grey.

The finished construction stone is durable which can resist all the exterior weather conditions especially suited for freezing climate. Its beautiful texture gives your space a modern appeal and is appropriate for both residential and commercial purposes. It is available in tiles and slabs which is recommended for numerous projects that include landscaping, flooring, outdoor, countertops, and walls.

Resembling a spotted granite slab, it gives a glassy feel while having a sturdy structure. It is highly water resistant with a water absorption capacity of 0.31%. The finished product is easy to clean and maintain which keeps it in demand for office lobbies and great hall floorings as well.

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