Azul Platino

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Azul Platino is a natural granite stone. It is of porphyric texture, medium grain and irregular fractured gray blue granite stone originated from Spain. The stone is a great option for interior and exterior walls. Moreover, it is good for floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, and pool. It is an intricate natural stone with low variations in gray and white granite. It blends greatly with modern designs and imparts a contemporary feel to the indoor and outdoor spaces. Counting on to its durability, it is great for residential as well as commercial usage.

Other industry names of Azul Platino Granite are Azul Graninter Granit, Azul Palatino Granite, Azul Platina Granite, Azul Plattino Granite, Blue Platino Granite, Platinum Blue Granite, and Platinium Blue Granite. When it comes to testing the stone against exterior weather conditions, then it works well in the freezing climate, and it has a water absorption level of 0.19%. The homogeneous and compact rock can be processed into a polished and finished surface.

With a tight grained and uniform structure, the stone looks beautiful in the bathroom slabs that makes it a great choice for kitchen countertops. Moreover, if you wish to have a pretty fireplace at home, then Azul Platino granite is an elegant choice with the essence full of light and shadow.

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