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Aurum Ivory


Aurum Ivory is a quartz stone with the primary colors of cream and white that is effortlessly elegant, beautiful, and exceptionally versatile making it appropriate for residential as well as commercial purposes.

The stone comes in low variations, and it is originated from China. It contains 93% quartz along with 7% resin bonding materials that makes it extremely durable as it can resist stain, heat, oils, acids, and scratch making it appropriate for high traffic regions like kitchen and bathroom. It is best suited as a countertop option for your kitchen and requires regular washing to keep it clean thus it is easy to maintain. Hence it works as a discerning countertop option for homeowners, architects, and designers.

The stone has fewer features of natural stone and can be processed into polished and finished surfaces with the help of advanced technology. It enhances the beauty of your home with all the shine and shimmer which makes it look stunning. Moreover, it can be combined with reflective materials like glass for a sparkling finish which further increases its popularity in high-end applications for various projects.

So, if you are looking for a better surface solution, then Aurum Ivory quartz makes for the best material with a modern appeal.

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