Aspen quartz comes in the primary colors of gray and white with sophisticated designs that coordinate well with modern and contemporary designs. The stone is originated from China and comes with low variations that can be processed into finished and polished surfaces.

The product is comprised of 93% quartz and 7% resin bonding materials which makes it more durable that does not require periodic sealing. It is extremely sturdy which makes it heat and stain resistant making it appropriate for residential and commercial purposes. It is non-porous making it safe where intense food traffic is there, and it is specially engineered for this purpose with the help of advanced technology.

It is a beautiful addition to your home that’s practical and affordable both. It comes in the slab format and is colored by utilizing the pigments of the finest quality that ensures consistency of colors from batch to batch. It is marked for its technical features and appearance that enhances the beauty appeal of your space. It is easy to maintain where you need to clean it with soap water and there you are given a surface that is glass finished for use.

If you wish to have a space that is close to aesthetic values marked with elegance and sophistication then, Aspen Quartz is for you!